853 m
568 m
14,29 km

Skoðað 1694sinnum, niðurhalað 1 sinni

nálægt Nordre Hamlagrø, Hordaland (Norge)

A very enjoyable 2 to 3 hour trip that can easily be done on a Friday evening in summer. Descend towards the lake from the signposted parking lot at the western shore of lake Hamlagrø and follow its shore towards the hamlet of Lii, which mainly consists of holiday cabins. It is quite tempting to make a shortcut over the lake: however, make sure that the lake level has not been fluctuating. Otherwise, you end up in between some tricky ice floes/bergs like me... From, you can easily discern the well-marked winter trail which seems like a highway of ski tracks around the Easter season. From here, you gradually climb towards Vending, with commanding views over lake Hamlagrø as you go. Vending cabin just pops from behind a little hillock, some 400 meters before you reach its welcoming front porch.

Vending hytte


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