804 m
306 m
32,11 km

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nálægt Saint-Tite-des-Caps, Québec (Canada)

2-day one-night hike at Le Massif in Quebec province.

There is a network of refuges where hikers can stay for 30 CAD a night.
Also, a taxi service is offered to move your car from the trailhead to the endpoint (80 CAD), ask at the reception center (centre d'accueil)

Wanter points are present, mainly near the huts, although water must be treated (pills, filter, whatever...)

The map can be found here:

Physical wise is a bit demanding, technically not that much.
Minimal recommended gear might be:
- mountain boots;
- snowshoes;
- winter jacket;
- sleeping pads;
- sleeping bags (0 degrees Celsius for comfort temp.)
- etc.

Enjoy with joy.

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