1.255 m
1.076 m
15,17 km

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nálægt Ventajola, Catalunya (España)

(English desc. only) Approx 1 hour route in Puigcerda valley (Puigcerda-Sanavastre-Prats-Camino de Alp a Bellver; using local tarmac 70% and 30% dirt roads). Part from Puigcerdà to Prats can be done by any car. Kids may find it interesting to tag along as there are many farms and fields on the way with farm animals. Route goes by Restaurant Hipica Blanca (where kids can ride hourses & ponies).

Part of Camino de Alp a Bellver is recommended for 4x4 offroad vehicles (low gear 2&3). SUV vehicles may have ground clearance issues.


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