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Rakning í Beinni Rakning í Beinni
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nálægt Andres, Kukës (Albania)

Everyone heard the name Kalimash, as it is used to describe the place of the longest tunnel in Albania, made for the Autobahn connecting Tirana and the Adriatic with Kosovo. Few of those who look forward to the tunnel experience, are aware of the road that leads across the mountain that harbors the tunnel.

The Kalimash mountain road start at one end of the tunnel and ends on the other. During the construction the road may have been in good use; now through traffic is very rare. From both side, the road is used by heavy 4WD lorries carrying timber from the mountain, and the once well constructed road is now badly destroyed in places. We rate some short sections as very difficult, meaning that one can get seriously stuck and would probably need help to extract oneself.

But then, the road is an experience that should not be missed. Kalimash is surrounded by mountains that all are a little higher than Kalimash itself - which almost adds to the grandiosity of the place. The mountains of Kukes (Pahtrik, Koritnik, Gjalica), Korab, Zebe, Lure, Dejes, Munelle, and the Albanian Alps are all in good view.

We recommend to start on the Kukes side. The more difficult spots are on the Thirrë side.

When coming from Kukes, it is a little tricky to find the start of the trail on the south side of the highway. Follow these steps: (i) Find a policeman having coffee in one of the roadside stalls near the tunnel entrance and explain your plan; (ii) enter the police compound and weave around some buildings to find the road across the mouth of the tunnel; (iii) join the highway as if going back to Kukes. After a few hundred meters, just before a signboard, turn off to the right onto a dirt track. Follow this track until you end in Thirrë! Also consult the photograph showing the way across the autobahn at the east side of the tunnel.

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B-Trailhead Kalimash

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C-Sharp Turn

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  • Mynd af Kralj

    Kralj 9. júl. 2013

    Was road ever proprely finished?
    Hiking Maja e Runes look really nice :)

  • Mynd af Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 9. júl. 2013

    It is a very easy (for hikers) but beautiful mountain! It is not always the highest mountains that have the best view :).

    The road must have been in better condition when they constructed the tunnel, as it was used for some of the construction traffic. But then it seems to have fallen in disrepair. Also, this spring was very wet in Albania, and when the wood trucks moved up again they didn't wait for the road to dry up, so its in bad condition now, at least in some places...

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