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  • mynd af Alftavatn circle
  • mynd af Alftavatn circle
  • mynd af Alftavatn circle

Styrkleiki   Miðlungs

Tími  3 klukkustundir 48 mínútur

Hnit 4630

Uploaded 28. júlí 2017

Recorded júlí 2017

686 m
28 m
143,27 km

Skoðað 45sinnum, niðurhalað 5 sinni

nálægt Hvolsvöllur, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Car track from F1 just west of Hvolsvollur through Alftavatn and back through Fljotshlid. Can only be done on 4x4 jeeps, big tires help a lot (35" or bigger) due to rivers on the way, first Markarfljot, (smaller version up there), then Kaldaklofskvisl, a stable bottom but can be streamy and then Blafjallakvisl, calm but relatively deep. Road is a bit rough in places as one is driving through lava fields. This circle is 143 km. and it takes some where around 4 hours, depending on stops and ability to drive fast through rough road. The scenery is breathtaking.


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