2.036 m
794 m
51,6 km

Skoðað 4927sinnum, niðurhalað 276 sinni

nálægt Tende, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France)

We decided to visit some of the old unpaved roads in the maritime alps this year, to visit some of the old forts and do some wild camping. Do me a favour if you like this, share it or click like, too many people just take and give nothing in return. Full story at www.africanuhambo.co.uk


  • mynd af intrepid_kiwi

    intrepid_kiwi 27.11.2014

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    Wow what an awesome trail! So glad we followed this path into Italy! We did though skipped the loop from points 235-434. The scenery is simply stunning - a must do (and apart from being very high up, the path is easy)

  • mynd af intrepid_kiwi

    intrepid_kiwi 27.11.2014

    Forget to mention we did it in mid-September. I'm sure it would be covered in snow all through winter

  • danward79 27.11.2014

    Glad you enjoyed it. Did you camp? The municipal camp site at Tende is also excellent.

    The other trail I publish is also cool

  • mynd af intrepid_kiwi

    intrepid_kiwi 28.11.2014

    Yep we wild camped pretty near the top, beside an underground bunker :-)

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