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niður á móti

15.039 m

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  • Myndband af Iceland Round Trip East
  • mynd af Iceland Round Trip East
  • mynd af Iceland Round Trip East
  • mynd af Iceland Round Trip East
  • mynd af Iceland Round Trip East




6. febrúar 2013


febrúar 2013
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Skoðað 2328sinnum, niðurhalað 120 sinni

nálægt Búðareyri, Austurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

A round trip thru Iceland with many, many unpaved roads and pistes, fords and magnificent scenery.

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  • LR_Woods 7. mar. 2013

    Ich kann mir vorstellen das das nicht im Februar war :)

  • mynd af ferry43

    ferry43 20. feb. 2015

    dates of trip¿ its posible to do with a adventure motorbike?
    any problem with the gas stations?


  • mynd af 20. feb. 2015

    We traveled along this route in July, 2012. No problem with gas stations (as long as you follow the basic rules e.g. fill up at every station you find etc.). Most of it should be possible with a bike like a GS or so as long as the water levels of the fords are not too high (on that trip, the max was around 45cm, most were around 30cm deep). For safety reasons, bikers should be in groups and not alone in the highlands on the F roads.

  • mynd af ferry43

    ferry43 20. feb. 2015

    thank you so much!! i plan to do this or similar tour (the another one is little bigger.) but alone with r1200gs adventure. i have experience to ride alone, but the level of water its scary for me. i dont know.
    the best month is july or august no?

    thanks !!! see you

  • mynd af 20. feb. 2015

    Yep, July/August is best. Most of the other months, the F-roads are blocked and/or impassable. I'm not sure if I would try this as a single biker. Anyhow, this might be of interest to you:
    Good luck and enjoy iceland safely!

  • mynd af ferry43

    ferry43 27. feb. 2015

    mgrube, I see this track too: what do you think about it¿? any extra info about? you know the island...

  • mynd af 27. feb. 2015

    That seems to be a nice one, too. Anyhow, it all depends upon your personal preferencesh and dxpectations.

  • mynd af ferry43

    ferry43 2. mar. 2015

    i want to ride maximum % on offroad and wild.

    you know where is the "secret spot" to find a crash airplane??

    i see photos in internet, and i think is iceland


  • mynd af 2. mar. 2015

    Hi! Riding offroad ist strictly prohibited on Iceland (and for good reasons!). But you will find more "real offroad" on the F-roads than you might believe. For the plane: I will not post it's coordinates here - just do a bit of research on panoramio... :-)

  • mynd af ferry43

    ferry43 2. mar. 2015


    i hope to enjoy the f-roads.

    i accept the challange!!

  • mynd af ferry43

    ferry43 3. mar. 2015

    mgrube!!!! i found it!! isnt in your track! jeje

    you know what is the best form to travel to iceland??

    i'm from spain.. i dont know if road to denmark or ship the bike in a cargo.
    the ferry is to expensive, maybe ship the bike and fly.

    any recomendation¿?

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