Karel Zacek
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  • mynd af Ushguli - Kutaisi

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Hnit 14201

Uploaded 17. september 2018

Recorded september 2018

2.622 m
87 m
169,09 km

Skoðað 64sinnum, niðurhalað 8 sinni

nálægt Ushguli (Georgia)

Ushguli to Kutaisi trail.
First 1/3 is moderate offroad trail suitable only for offroad cars with good tyres. Most of the trail done on 2WD, just several spots on 4WD. Lots of puddles and sometimes bumpy rocky road/trail. Close to Kutaisi there is a short detour to Prometheus Cave, the trip end in Kutaisi, but not in the city center. I reccomend to wisit the trail as soon as possible as many of road works was being done when visiting the trail (September 2018). In near future the trail will becoma concrete road.

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  • (victor)(palacios) 18.4.2019

    I am doing this trail next August (2019) and your comments about it have been very helpful. Thanks!

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