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nálægt Mühltal, Rheinland-Pfalz (Deutschland)

This route is called the Mittelrhein klettersteig. klettersteig is German for Via Ferrata. This is a great beginners introduction to the sport. The route is mostly formed of ladders but has one small section with pins which would be good for first timers to know whether they are going to like it. A harness and lanyard is needed if you are new to this, otherwise it is possible without

The via ferrate section lasts about 30 mins, after this, it is a beautiful but steep in places woodland hike. There are two restaurants near the end of the walk with amazing views down onto the Rhine.
Just a short 5 min walk from Boppard. Go through the railway tunnel to get here
The route is clearly way marked
You'll be taking a lot of photos on this walk
sorry - don't know what happened to 5&6 !
I didn't get photo for the next section as needed hands on
I made a bad German joke about this one to the misus, she didn't get it
We didn't use our harness for this section as it was a really easy but exposed climb
Too small to see but the campsite is up here on the left at the top of the river
There are lots of places like this on the route, just need a bit of look to catch one free
We stopped here, two drinks sausage bread and mustard 11.50 Euros
If you can't make the steep walk there cable cars to the top and then a short walk to the restaurants
The route down follows the Chairlift, still a lovely walk down and no quicker on the Chair lift than walking!


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