637 m
518 m
4,0 km

Skoðað 2289sinnum, niðurhalað 4 sinni

nálægt Hegendorf, Bayern (Deutschland)

The famous via ferrata in the Frankenjura. There is enough space to leave your car at the beginning of the track. After reaching the beginning of the via ferrata, the track goes through all 3 parts (with an intermediate stop at a small 572 m summit called "Luginsland"), and returns through a regular hiking path. On the return, it passes from Kurt Albert's memorial who tragically lost his life while climbing this very via ferrata. Kurt Albert was a local, world-renowned climber and pioneer, who coined the term "redpoint" (rotpunkt).

WARNING: This via ferrata is a very serious undertaking. It has a rating of D/E (Very Difficult/Extremely Difficult). Before attempting it, you should have the necessary equipment and be comfortable with climbing such grades, as well as having significant climbing experience. You should not attempt it if the rock is wet or if there is snow, as the rock will be very slippery.

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