Extreme Motorhoming Adventures

Extreme Motorhoming Adventures

Always looking for that walk with a little something special. Also always a circular where ever possible, no one likes to back track! We like a challenge on our walks, if we need to use ours hands all the better.

Favourite hike: Ivan Dibona in the Dolomites, closely followed by Tryfan in Wales

We walk several times a week and try to do a big one every two weeks, cycling in the summer months

Meðlimur síðan júlí 2014

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  • Bamford

    11,79 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Bamford, England (United Kingdom)

  • Bamford

    47,47 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Bamford, England (United Kingdom)

  • Rowarth to Bottoms Reservoir

    36,86 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Mellor, England (United Kingdom)

  • Birch Vale - Mellor

    2,88 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Birch Vale, England (United Kingdom)

  • Pershore

    12,37 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Pershore, England (United Kingdom)

  • Benitachell

    4,83 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Benitachell, Valencia (España)

  • Keswick - along Derwent water and high

    14,43 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Portinscale, England (United Kingdom)

  • Santa Lucía

    7,92 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Santa Lucía, Valencia (España)

  • Hartington - Ashbourne

    20,57 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Hartington, England (United Kingdom)

  • Birch Vale

    11,2 kílómetrar - Miðlungs

    nálægt Birch Vale, England (United Kingdom)