Sri Lanka's Pekoe Trail - Official Profile

ORG Sri Lanka's Pekoe Trail - Official Profile

The Pekoe Trail, a part of the Serendipity Trails Collection, is a 300km and 22-stage -long-distance hiking trail in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka which traverses the vast network of tea trails that make up the Sri Lankan tea country and encapsulates the essence of the island’s diversity, seamlessly bringing together a uniquely Sri Lankan experience, connecting nature, its people, culture, and heritage.

Note: The stages have not been marked or sign-posted yet as The Pekoe Trail is currently under development and will be ready for travellers in July 2023.

IMPORTANT: We aim to provide accurate, up-to-date information on the trail route. However, actual trail conditions may differ, and our information may not be accurate or complete. Trail users are advised to consider all the information available from other sources and to heed local advice when available. Trail users are responsible for all decisions as to the trail routes, trail conditions, weather, and safety.

In addition to the hazards posed by steep terrain and mountain weather, hikers should be prepared for difficult route-finding and challenging trail conditions, dogs, leaches, heavy rain, intermittent thunderstorms, and plenty of tropical sun. Access to emergency medical care and rescue is not always immediately available.​

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