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Sri Lanka is our passion. Our collection of small, stylish, service-driven boutique hotels champion the island’s rich history, dazzling diversity and warm, open-hearted people, while our fusion menus celebrate the country’s abundant variety of fresh local produce.

Teardrop hotels are located in spectacular locations across Sri Lanka, each offering a taste of the unique mini destination in which they stand, and when booked in combination create memorable Sri Lankan journeys.

Teardrop Adventure Trails uncover the beating heart of Sri Lanka, from its beautiful misty tea plantation highlands, waterfalls and rolling hills, vibrant local village life, profusion of flora and fauna and sandy beaches, lakes, and lagoons.
You’ll experience moments – and people – that make happiness seem like the norm, not a pursuit.
A combination of incredible tea country views, spectacular landscapes, and a temperate climate makes the Hill Country an ideal holiday destination to get active. We have researched some exciting trails at each of our three tea bungalows located in the Central Highlands - Goatfell, Nine Skies & Camellia Hills. Each bungalow has a unique combination of long and short trails with varying difficulties that navigate through tea estates, scenic paths, and roads that look down upon picturesque tea valleys. Many of these trails tie up with Sri Lanka’s first ever long-distance walking trail, the Pekoe Trail, which is 300+ kilometer walking path traversing the hills of Sri Lanka.

Our Experiences team is currently working on cycling and walking trails for rest of the Teardrop properties, and it will be updated soon on this profile.

The walks are self-guided, with the routes mapped out via Wikiloc, which guests can download onto their phones or access through the phone provided at the property. On request, the team can also arrange for a naturalist to accompany guests on the long trails. The short trails form a loop which returns back to the starting point. The long trails are a one-way route, and a vehicle can be arranged to pick the guests up at the other end for an additional cost, if they wish.

You can contact us directly via journeys@teardrop-hotels.com for more information.

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