“Nahr El Joz, Darb el Msaylha, Darb el Tahoune trail” starts from Bsatine El Ossi in Kfarhelda village 600 m high and ends 100 m above sea levels in Kfarkhellos village close to Batroun.

Historic research in the area proved a human presence going back to the prehistoric periods specially close to the river’s inlet in the rock shelters of Koubba village.

The project at hand covers the trail related mostly to Darb El Tahoune i.e. the area spanning from Bsatine El Ossi down to Rachkida Going through the villages of Majdel, Kaftoun, Ijdaabrine, Kelbata located in Koura Caza and Dael, Boqsmaya, Jibla, Kfar Hay and Rachkida located in Batroun Caza. This area is famous for its historic water Mills and Bridges going back at least to the 16th century A.D hides many cultural and religious attraction points going back to more than 100 million years.

Meðlimur síðan október 2021